I am 52 and was given the devastating news that I needed to have the majority of my teeth removed. I had poor health in my past and the combination of medication and surgery ruined my teeth. I was referred to Precision Oral Surgery by my dentist. The staff is friendly, comforting and easy to deal with.. They not only helped me make my appointment but helped with my insurance and patiently listened to my concerns... I met with a young woman named Ashley over the phone that went far and beyond to make my experience less traumatic. My oral surgeon, Dr Navilla, is kind and understanding to my needs in addition to explaining things to me thoroughly. The day of surgery was stress-free. Ashley, (the woman from the phone), was there in person..such a kind person. The anesthesiologist was kind and knowledgeable. He explained how the anesthesia would work so I could fall asleep fearlessly...I woke up from surgery with my immediate dentures in place... My pain was controlled and the details of how to care for myself were outlined clearly. It has been nearly three weeks since my surgery. I am slowly adjusting...I still cannot chew and it is frustrating but I will figure it out. The people at Precision Oral Surgery definitely helped make a difficult experience easier. I recommend them to anyone needing an oral surgeon.
— Jennifer Harp-Douris
I love this place. They are so professional and most importantly CLEAN . They take the time to discuss your issues, treatment plan and any other options you need.
— Diana Martinez